American Coney Island – Cool Place to Visit in Detroit #14

American Coney Detroit Michigan

Image courtesy of Colin McConnell

Back Story – Coney island’s really started taking off in Detroit during the rise of the auto industry. Many young people looking for a good, quick meal created perfect customers for the traditional coney islands that we know today. The number of coney islands springing up led to rivalries between them, each had their own specific meat sauce recipes. One myth involves the American Coney Island, with Lafayette Coney Island right next door, there was an intense rivalry between the two brothers that owned the coney islands.

American Coney Island – This is a 24 hour coney island located in Detroit, MI. Founded in 1917, it claims to be one of the oldest businesses in the entire city of Detroit that is family owned and operated. American Coney Island is known countrywide, they receive orders for their coneys from all across the country. They credit part of their immense success to their secret recipe chili sauce.

Media Attention – American Coney Island has been featured in the media many times over the years. They have been shown on The Travel Channel as well as Food Network. The Today Show and Good Morning America have also provided media coverage to this establishment!

Other Locations? – There is a Las Vegas American Coney Island location. Bringing the Dearborn Sausage brand coney dogs to the strip! This is the only location outside of their home in Michigan. They claim now that they are selling more coney dogs in Vegas than in Detroit!

Not Looking for a Coney? – American Coney Island has Fish Fry Friday’s! They offer the catch of the day in either a sandwich or as a meal. This happens EVERY Friday. American Gyro’s are also an option, seeing as the founder was Greek, this seems like a given.

Where is American Coney Island located?

Same location for 97 years and counting!

114 W Lafayette Blvd, Detroit, MI 48226