Benjamin Villa Detroit Unseen

Ben Villa (Right)


I’m Benjamin Villa. Welcome to my Author Page.

​I am a Digital Marketing student at the University of Michigan – Dearborn. Currently I am searching for opportunities in the vast field that is online marketing. I have experience with SEO and I am Google AdWords certified.

From my courses at the University of Michigan – Dearborn I have gained experience in SEO and have studied several Google offered services. In one of my marketing course I developed a blog and was presented with the challenge of competing with my fellow students to out rank each other on Google for specific keywords. In that same course I was presented with the challenge of becoming Google AdWords certified. I took upon this challenge and became AdWords certified in November of 2015. Becoming AdWords certified was not an easy task and it required a lot of my time and focus to achieve the certification.

Alongside my achievements and experience in online marketing, I am also a great communicator. I have become a good verbal communicator from my experiences: working with Renewal by Andersen as an Event Marketing Representative, school, church, Boy Scouts of America, and coaching with the Dearborn Dolphins. I have also developed my written communication from my hobby of writing poems and short stories. During my time at Henry Ford College I was a finalist in the 2014 Frances Barrett Creative Writing Competition. In the competition my short story “Red and Strapless” finished second.

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