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Boblo Boat Detroit Michigan

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  • Bob-Lo Island Amusement Park ran from 1898 until its closure on September 30, 1993.
  • The island is a five-minute ferry ride from Amherstburg, Ontario, and 18 miles from Detroit.
  • For more than 85 years, the park was serviced by the SS Ste. Clair and the SS Columbia excursion boats.
  • The Amusement Park was famous for those two steamers, the “Bob-Lo Boats,” which went between Detroit and the island.
  • They could hold about 2,500 passengers each.The excursion boats were sold in November 1991.
  • The park was located on Bois Blanc Island, Ontario. It lies just above the mouth of the Detroit River.
  • The Nightmare, Falling Star, Wild Mouse, Sky Streak, and Screamer rides, a Ferris wheel, a zoo, and a carousel were the signature attractions.
  • The people of Detroit, Michigan characterized it as that city’s Coney Island.

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Where is the Bob-Lo Boat docked?

“Former Boblo boat SS Ste. Claire was moved Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015 from a dock in Ecorse to a place on the Rouge River near South Dix Street. The roughly 4.5 mile trip took more than two hours.”

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