Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue – Cool Place to Visit in Detroit #11

In Detroit there are locations that just standout to anyone passing by. One of these locations is the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. With its colorful exterior it stands out from the blending city buildings. The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue showcases the beauty of Detroit and its unique appeal compared with other American cities.

Synagogue History

Currently, the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue is the only congregationally owned synagogue in the City of Detroit. However, it is not the only synagogue in Detroit. The Reconstructionist Congregation of Detroit is also an active congregation in Detroit. But they do not own their own building.

The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue was founded by the Isaac Agree Memorial Society. The Isaac Agree Memorial Society was formed in 1921 by the Zatkin, Kaplan, Rosin, Canvasser, and Agree families.  The Synagogue has had a few periods without owning a building. The current location (picture) before being purchased was a Fyntex department store.

Image courtesy of Colin McConnell

Current Offerings

The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue is still active and offers several services. One service offered at the synagogue is an Intermediate Hebrew Class beginning this Sunday, 4/3. This class runs for 10 weeks and is held from 11 AM until noon. There is also Torah Study and Shabbat Services which begin at 9 AM every Saturday. The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue also has an event coming up on April 23.

“Annual Second Seder

Saturday, April 23

7:30 pm

Join members and friends of IADS as we commemorate our journey from slavery to freedom. Participate in our communal recounting of the Passover narrative, sing joyful songs and enjoy a delicious seder meal. Cost is $25 per person… Capacity is limited to 70 people–don’t delay in securing your spot at a table. Complimentary parking for the first 45 reservations…”

Tell Us More

The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue has been servicing both the Jewish community and its neighboring community for many years. It has been a Detroit home for Jewish visitors, providing a place for them to worship. And let’s not forget that the building and the congregation are apart of the rich history of Detroit. The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue deserves to be showcased properly. While researching the history of the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue there was little information available. We at Detroit Unseen would like you, if you know anything about this Synagogue, to please reach out to us so we can help the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue to be showcased.

Where is the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue?

The Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue is located at 1457 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226.

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