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Ste. Anne de Détroit – Cool Place to Visit in Detroit #3

Ste. Anne de Détroit – One truly beautiful and unique Detroit place is Ste. Anne’s. This parish has been running continuously since July 26th, 1701 and it is the second oldest Roman Catholic operating parish in the US.

Ste. Anne’s Cool History

St. Annes Detroit Michigan

Image courtesy of Colin McConnell

The original building was constructed in Fort Pontchartrain du Détroit (Fort Detroit) by the explorer Cadillac and French colonists. With the colonists arriving at the bank of the Detroit river on July 24th, 1701, this was one of the first colonial construction projects to occur in Detroit. Sadly, this first building did not last very long. In 1703, Ste. Anne’s original building was set ablaze by Native Americans. Throughout the 18th century the Ste. Anne parish constructed a few buildings that have since been replaced. The current building was built in 1886 under the direction of architect Albert E. French and it is the 8th church the parish has built.

Ste. Anne’s Notable Occupants

One of the most notable priests to have worked at Ste. Anne’s was Gabriel Richard. Gabriel Richard contributed much to the rich history of Detroit and the southeast Michigan. Richard brought the first printing press to Detroit and started the Michigan Territory’s first newspaper, The Observer. He also helped to start the road-building project that connected Chicago and Detroit. Most notably, Richard started the school that eventually developed to become the University of Michigan.

“Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus”         Translation: “We hope for better things; it will arise from the ashes”  – Father Gabriel Richard

Where can you find Ste. Anne de Détroit?

Ste. Anne’s is located at 1000 St Anne St, Detroit, MI 48216.

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