My name is Utonia Overstreet and this is my author page.

Utonia Portrait

I am a full time Project Manager at C&B Machinery as well as a Digital Marketing student at University of Michigan – Dearborn. I am very involved with the marketing of C&B Machinery, and am always implementing concepts learned in class to my job. I have always thought of myself as more of a creative but through my experience in courses at UMD I have found that I am also interested in the analytical side of marketing. What I am most proud of is that I have designed all of the new advertising for C&B Machinery including promotional videos, trade show displays, flyers, and the new logo.

Skills that set me apart are my engineering experience architectural, mechanical and creative. I am also extremely proficient in Adobe Photoshop CS6. I am also Google Adwords certified. I have excellent professional verbal communication skills developed on-the-job through meeting with customers and suppliers regularly. My written communication skills have been developed through school as well as through job experience.

In my free time I am an avid karaoker. I really enjoy live music whether it’s a concert or an open mic night. I am also fond of binge watching entire seasons of TV shows.